Felice Herrig Feels She Isn’t “Young And Beautiful” Enough for UFC To Promote Her

Felice Herrig opened up after an emotional win:

“Honestly, if you want to know the truth, I just feel like I’m not young and beautiful for the UFC to want to promote me. It’s sad because I’ve really worked hard to be here. It’s hard to see these people who’ve not been through what I’ve been through and just got to the UFC at the right time, and they’re now getting all these opportunities.

“I’ve seen how hard I’ve worked to get here, and it just doesn’t matter because I just feel I’m not pretty enough, and I’m not getting any younger.”

“I just think that my performances are going to keep speaking volumes. I think fans, the people and the media see and recognize I just beat two undefeated fighters, two really good undefeated fighters that were no joke. Alexa Grasso is no joke. Justine Kish is no joke. Anyone in this sport that’s not just a casual fan knows better. I don’t need a fancy trophy to tell me I’m good or to tell me what I’m made of I know.”

“I’m not trying to make this like a point finger at the UFC or Dana White or anybody. I know they have a business to run. … I’m not the only fighter who feels like this. … We put a lot out there as fighters, and I don’t know – I feel like I’ve paid my dues, and nobody can deny that.

“I’m a UFC fighter, and I’ve worked my way to the top, so I would like a little more love. That’s it.”

BTW, really UFC? This woman is gorgeous.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note, her opponent Justine Kish had an unfortunate accident during the bout where she pooped her pants. She posted this tweet after the event:

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