Fedor Emelianenko training in remote mountains of Russia, interested in training with Shane Carwin

Formerly ranked number one heavyweight in the world, Fedor Emelianenko sepaks about preparing for his upcoming Strikeforce grand prix quarter-final fight with Antonio “Big Foot” Silva in the high altitude, remote mountain’s of Russia, adding he’d like to work with UFC heavyweight slugger, Shane Carwin.

Fedor, speaking during Thursday’s conference call, said:

“Firstly, when I train in the mountains in remote areas I train in the high altitude where it’s very cold – even near freezing. It just makes the entire training process that much more difficult, which I believe is beneficial because if I can get through it then I’ll be that much better for it.”

“Another reason I do it is because nobody bothers me. All I do up there is train, eat and sleep. And all I need to concentrate on is the entire process of my training regimen without any distractions. I believe that’s what allows me to be in maximum shape leading up to a fight.”

“I’m probably going to train in Russia [for the Grand Prix]. I’m more comfortable there and I like to be close to my family. It’s likely I’ll probably stay in Russia. But I wouldn’t mind training somewhere else and with someone like Shane Carwin, who is a good fighter.”

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