Fedor’s striking coach accuses Overeem of taking steroids, hints that “Big Foot” is at them too

Alexander Michkov, the striking coach of formerly ranked number one heavyweight on the planet, Fedor Emelianenko has today openly accused Strikeforce heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem and Antonio “Big Foot” Silva of taking steroids.

Michkov, speaking via BloodyElbow.com, said:

“We hear rumors that two other quarterfinals may be fought in the state that is very liberal with the testing. Why? Because any kind of semi-deep testing will prevent Overeem from fighting. With an naked eye, you can see that he is gormandized with steroids.”

He went on to say the following about “Big Foot” Silva.

“Obviously it was not a problem for Silva to make a weight. He weighed 264 pounds in the day of the weigh-ins, and the next day, he was already over 280, he gained 10 kg… It’s very hard to fight with opponent like this.”

“Of course it amazed us. Think about it, how can the normal human being gain 10 kg in 24 hours? There is something fishy here. The truth is, all our fighters, I am talking about Russian fighters here, that are fighting under M-1, train on their natural abilities. Of course, they take vitamins, but that’s it. At the same time, all the foreign fighters, I think about 99 percent of them, are taking chemicals.”

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