Edmonton’s Colosseo Championship Fighting Bringing Back PRIDE FC Rules

Canadian MMA is making waves in the combat sports world and finding itself more and more in the spotlight of media and fans. With UFC 129 taking over Toronto in a couple of weeks, and Ontario having its first sanctioned MMA event you would think that would be enough attention in the month of April. But recently we have found out more might be on the horizon for the “mecca” of MMA with the introduction of Pride-rules in an event in violation of the Unified Rules.

The Canadian fight promotion Colosseo Championship Fighting received permission from the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (ECSC) to use the ruleset of the Japan-based promotion DREAM, which allows knees to the head of a grounded opponent, among other deviations from the Unified Rules that are a cornerstone of the success of Mixed Martial Arts. Now Coloesso promoter Pasqualino Santoro, is upping the ante with his plan to put on an event using Pride rules, including soccer kicks and stomps to the face.

Many fans of the Pride rules will be ecstatic over the possibilities and it m ay open new doors for MMA in Canada. Colosseo promoter Pasqualino Santoro spoke with media about why Colosseo is choosing this direction “I don’t even watch a UFC event now because they’re so boring,” Santoro said. “I’d rather watch a DREAM event than a UFC event. And with all the stuff going on in Japan right now, I don’t see a big problem with honoring the Japanese people by going with PRIDE rules. I can do that because I live in a country where I’m allowed to do that.”

“If no one wants to support me, they don’t have to. I can go on my own and do my own thing. As long as the fighters get paid and they’re safe, that’s all that matters.”

“Would you go to the ground if you’re a jiu-jitsu guy knowing full well that you could get kicked in the head? What would you do? You’d stand up. There were more knockouts in the first 28 PRIDEs than there were in the UFC.”

Santoro admitted that the PRIDE rules are “a little barbaric,” but went on to say, “Close your eyes. What’s barbaric about it? We don’t have elbows. Which is good, right? Get rid of the elbows. They just cut fighters. Those guys are in there to fight. They’re not in there to do ballet.”

Even though the event will go against the Unified Rules ECSC executive director Pat Reid, who okayed the 2010 DREAM-rules show, said he would refuse to sanction the Pride-rules Coloseo event. Unfortunately, Reid has no authority over shows taking place outside the ECSC’s jurisdiction, nor does the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC), to which the ECSC belongs.

Instead Colosseo will be sanctioned by the International Combative Sports Association, a commission not affiliated with the ABC. ??”Though we might not be in any standing with the American boxing and wrestling commission who has no authority in Canada,” wrote ICSA Executive Director Chris Townsend to MMAJunkie, “this is not a concern to us, as we are in no way going to be infringing on Mr. Santoro’s right to produce a product that is safe for fighters, fans and his staff and our commission staff.

With UFC 129 stealing the spotlight this interesting possibility may just go unnoticed in the Canadian MMA world for now. However, the floodgates will open for various rule and structure changes leaving the options open for fans. Fighters, and organizations to find their niche and run with it.

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