Don Frye Thinks Lesnar Will Get His Head Kicked Off, Should Have Faced CM Punk Instead

Don Frye commented on the upcoming Brock Lesnar/Mark Hunt bout in an interview with Submission Radio. He doesn’t believe Lesnar’s got much of a chance, and maybe he should be facing someone else.

“Oh my god… why? Why – since Mark Hunt is going to destroy him. So it’s going to be such a fun fight to watch Mark kick his head off. So I’m looking forward to it.

Oh Mark’s an animal. Yeah he’s an animal. I mean, god damn, he’s one of the better fighters walking the planet. You know and he’s got the strength and the speed and the skill, and shit, he’s like ten-foot-tall and bullet proof.

Still, Frye gives Lesnar credit for actually accepting the bout in the first place, and has at least some modicum of respect for the returning former Champion.

Yeah, you know, I was with everybody else. I thought they were going to give him some fish. Who’s that pro wrestler (CM Punk) that keeps bailing out of his fight all the time? Yeah, I mean, give him CM Punk (laughs) or somebody worse than that. But jeez, I gotta give it to Lesnar for accepting the fight. First you gotta step into the cage first, and then I’ll give the guy all the credit in the world just for being man enough to let that door close behind him.”

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