Diego Sanchez Plans To Return At Featherweight

After years of jumping divisions, TUF winner Diego Sanchez has struggled in recent years. After losing three of his last five fights, and his last win, against Ross Pearson was one of the most poorly made decisions in years.

Sanchez has been out of the ring since June 2014 due to a broken collarbone. But now hes returning and hoping to get in at 145 pounds, heres what he had to say:

“I’m going down to 145 and I’m going for the belt, I’ll fight any of those guys at 145. … I want to make a run for the belt. That’s my dream, to be the UFC champion, and I’m not going to give up on my dream, despite what the haters or the naysayers may say. The weight started coming off so fast, and one month in I was already down to 170 pounds, I was basically as lean as I am going into a fight at 155. So, I’m like, ‘Alright, I’m not even in the gym, and I’m able to get this lean right now — 145 is realistic, now. … I really just took it as a whole fitness approach. Let’s not just tackle this injury. Let’s tackle it as a whole. I’m going to attack everything in my whole body — my energy system, my diet, my nutrition, just everything. A fight I know the fans would want to see is a rematch with Clay Guida, We put on a great fight at one point, and he’s in the top-10, and he’s not on my team anymore, so that’s a fight that could happen. The ultimate fight that I would like the best is Ricardo Lamas, He’s coming off of a knockout loss, but the guy is a come-forward fighter. He won’t try to run. This guy fights. He doesn’t run away. He’s not going to play the ‘I’m afraid of you and I’m going to run away.’ He’s going to come forward, and those are ultimately the best fights for me that showcase my skills and give the fans the best fights.”

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