Demetrious Johnson Says He Won’t Follow UFC, USADA’s Weight-Cutting Guidelines

The UFC and USADA are implementing new weight cutting rules on fighters in the organization in an attempt to cut down on unsafe cuts from fighters, but not all of the proposed rules are going to fly with their competitors.

Perhaps the biggest point of contention for fighters thus far has been the rule saying fighters must be within eight percent of their target weight by the Tuesday of fight week, which would leave them with less to cut in the final days before the event. However, it’s perhaps an unrealistic figure for all weight divisions, and UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson says it’s just not a mark he’s going to hit.

“Not fucking happening, bro,” Johnson said after UFC 199 last week (via “I’ve never missed weight, not once, I’ve never had a scare, so I will come in weighing 138, 139 [lbs].

“What are they going to do? Not let me fight? I’m not a crack addict – it’s not like I need to go to rehab for making weight. I’ve never had a problem, never been dehydrated. I’m taking a s*** when I’m going to make weight. I’m smart – I don’t need an education on how to make weight.”

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