Dana White Wants TRT Exemptions Gone

UFC President Dana White seems to be easing up a little bit on the use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). But it appears that his recent lightened view is less about his own personal opinion and more about the shear regulations regarding the subject.

Its well known that Dana and Vitor butted heads over the use of TRT but in a recent media scrum held on Thursday it appears that Dana is taking a more political view of TRT and not letting his personal views get in the way.

“Of course (Vitor should be able to compete while using TRT). It’s absolutely legal. He can apply for (testosterone use exemption (TUE). (Vitor has) had these exemptions. He’s been able to use it. He’s going to apply for it and if they say ‘No’ then he’s going to have to fight without using it. It’s as simple as that. I’ve been saying it forever. I think (TRT) should go away. It should go away. Make everything easy. Make everything fair. Nobody will have to say, ‘Well, this guy gets to.’ It’ll be gone. Then we don’t have to talk about it, worry about it, hear about is or think about it.”

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