Dana White vs. Ontario Premiere, Dalton McGuinty over legalising the sport MMA

UFC President, Dana White visited Toronto, Ontario, Canada this week along with UFC fighters, Sam Stout and Krzysztof Soszynski, in an attempt to see the sport of mixed martial arts legalised in the province. Don’t hold your breath…

Ontario, Canada’s Premier, Dalton McGuinty recently said via The Canadian Press:

“If I was to knock on 1,000 Ontario family doors and ask them for their top three concerns, I’d be surprised if anybody said, ‘Well, my top three, one of those is we’ve got to start this new kind of mixed martial arts in Ontario – that’s going to mean a lot for me and my family and our future together’. So it’s just not a priority for our families, so it’s not a priority for me. In ultimate fighting, you can tap out. I’m tapping out on this.”

Dan however remains defiant in the face of defeat, saying this week:

“We have a 10-year track record of safety. It’s very successful every time we come into a market. It definitely helps the economy and creates more jobs. And this is a real sport. It’s like asking should the NFL be allowed to come up here, should Major League Baseball be allowed to come up here. Absolutely we should be. And the biggest thing is we’re running towards regulation, we’re not trying to go around it.”

“We’re not trying to go to some province here that will let us do it without overseeing us. There’s no reason this shouldn’t be regulated in Ontario. There’s more fights at the Wiggles concert than there is at a UFC event. You want to be terrified? Go to a New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox game. You get killed there.”

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