Dana White Speaks Out On Steve Mazzagatti’s Reffing And He Isn’t Happy

UFC president Dana White isn’t shy when it comes to bad calls made by referees and judges that can cost a fighter a win or loss, and have the ability to affect their long-term futures with the decisions they make.

Well lets just say Dana isn’t happy with referee Steve Mazzagatti, who he has been repeatedly slammed for bad decision-making whenever he’s involved in a fight. The latest news surrounding Mazzagatti didn’t even take place in the UFC, but that isn’t stoping White from making his point known.

White had this to say about Mazzagatti’s reffing during the World Series Of Fighting 3 card:

“Does anyone disagree with me that Mazzagatti’s a (expletive) toolbox? I mean he literally did nothing, Literally when (Fitch) goes limp, he goes limp, he’s out and then (Burkman) rolls him (expletive) over, lets his head (expletive) flop to the thing and then stands up over him. He’s literally like this standing up over him before Mazzagatti even (expletive) gets in the picture.”

The fight ended when Burkman locked up a guillotine choke and Fitch went unconscious. Before Mazzagatti even motioned to check the fighter’s condition, Burkman let go of the hold and was standing up over his opponent, who laid motionless on the canvas.

Dana continued on saying:

“The Nevada State Athletic Commission is going to keep this (expletive) guy around until he seriously hurt somebody. That guy is dangerous. He’s dangerous, It’s disgusting. At what point do you realize that this guy is an incompetent fool and he’s going to hurt somebody.I wonder what’s going to happen when somebody gets seriously hurt in a Mazzagatti fight. What are they going to write it off to? Anything can happen? This is a combat sport and anything can happen? This guy is dangerous.”

“They’ll make him the main event now. Now because I said this, the Nevada State Athletic Commission will give him the (Anderson) Silva fight (at UFC 162), It’s not corrupt when you talk about the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the fact that they keep doing this, it’s complete and total ego. Because I keep complaining, they will keep putting him front and center.”
“The guy shouldn’t even be watching MMA on television, let alone (expletive) reffing it,”

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