Dana White predicts Randy Couture to defeat James Toney at UFC 118

UFC President, Dana White has been giving his opinion on the outcome of the upcoming showdown between heavyweight boxing champion, James “Light’s Out” Toney and former UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Randy Couture.

White, speaking via MMAFighting.com, said:

“I think James Toney is going to lose too.”

“To be honest, who knows if he’s going to lose? I say it all the time about all different kinds of fights. You never know until they fight, but if you look at the things and you weigh it out. He has a puncher’s chance of course. Can he clip Couture and knock him out? Of course of he could, but all signs point to Randy Couture should win the fight.”

“Why would I put him in with a wrestler? Why not? Why would I put Randy Couture in with a boxer? This isn’t boxing. It’s mixed martial arts. Couture’s a wrestler. Couture’s going to try to implement his game, and Toney’s going to try to implement his, and we’ll see who wins.”

“I kind of got talked into doing this thing and it’s a fight — I signed James Toney and now it’s going to happen. It’s interesting and we’ll see how it goes down.

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