Dana White on Scott Coker: “For you to compare yourself to f*cking Bob Arum is hysterical”

UFC President, Dana White has hit back at the Strikeforce CEO after Scott Coker compared himself to boxing promoter, Bob Abrum while compairing the UFC President to the infamous Don King.

White, speaking via MMAJunkie.com, said:

“He fucking wishes he was Bob Arum. Are you shitting me? Bob Arum put on some of the biggest fights in boxing history, and Bob is actually successful and made money. For you to compare yourself to fucking Bob Arum is hysterical. You can call me Don King or whatever you want. But calling yourself Bob Arum is a fucking joke.”

“Bob Arum has put on some of the biggest fights in history, and he’s been incredibly successful. [Coker] has done neither. We couldn’t care less (what they’re doing). But we don’t want them to blow their brains out and go away. We need these guys to exist. Listen, whether they want to believe it or not, they’re the small show. They’re a feeder show. Whether they want to believe it, that’s what they are. We need them.”

“When you’re a tiny little feeder show and hanging on by the skin of your teeth, and you compare yourself to Bob Arum, are you kidding me? What a fucking joke.”

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