Dana White on UFC Internet Piracy: “I’ll say it again, people are going to jail.”

UFC President, Dana White has promised to crack down even more on people providing illegal live streams of UFC Pay-Per-View events and other UFC programming in the coming months, warning people will be going to jail.

Daan, speaking via MMAWeekly.com, said:

“I’ve been saying it for 10 years, everything’s going Internet. I believe everyone’s going to be watching television over the Internet or however this whole thing’s going to work. It’s a potential for 600 million people to watch the fights. 600 million people and it’s broadcast quality. This thing always made sense to me.”

“That’s why we’re taking such a strong stance. You’ve got to understand all this stuff is brand new. Even when the big music thing happened with Napster and all that stuff, if I take your song and let people download the song, the song isn’t ruined. People still want to hear the album or the song or whatever it is. When our event gets stolen then it’s over. You know the results, a live event is different than anything else. We’re fighting it hard.”

“I said it when we made this announcement, I’ll say it again, people are going to jail.”

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