Dana White Addresses Conor McGregor Situation, Says Conor Could Still Fight

video via MMABay

White appeared on FOX Sports’ The Herd on Wednesday to discuss the UFC’s decision to pull the featherweight champ from the upcoming mega-card.

“Conor basically said he didn’t want to come to Vegas. Tour was Vegas, Stockton, and New York. He said he didn’t want to do it. You can’t make everyone happy. One thing no one is exempt from is promoting their fights. … Conor wasn’t planning on delivering this weekend and I had to pull him. It’s what had to be done.”

“Never, ever was this about money,” he said, calling the reporters that believed the situation was about money “hacks” simply looking for Internet “clicks.”

“Conor needs to clean this up fast or Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar are fighting for the vacant featherweight title.”

“I do not think he is [retiring],”

“I’m not mad at Conor. Conor made a decision and made a choice to not fight on this card … The show will roll on. Our relationship isn’t damaged at all.”

“Yeah, if he called me after this interview we would probably still do it. We’re spending $10 million in promotion for UFC 200.”

UFC 200 takes place live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on July 9.

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