Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell creates Charles Lewis Jr. ‘Mask’ Theater

As Dan “Punkass” Caldwell explains to Tom LeBlanc of CEPro, constructing a theater at the TapouT headquarters was as much about business as it was pleasure.

“TapouT has always been on the forefront of Mixed Martial Arts and with that comes the responsibility of educating the consumer. Visual media is a big part of what TapouT does. We produce commercials, short documentaries and films — all used to help promote the sport. So building a movie theater seemed like a good fit. It is a great place to show our new commercials and films, also to conduct meetings to keep our employees excited about what we do here”

More from “Punkass:”

“Movies have always played a big influence in Charles’ and my lives. When everyone else was out partying and hanging out, me, Charles and Skrape would be watching the newest flicks at the theaters. After seeing (TapouT President Marc Kreiner’s home theater), we said we were going to build a movie theater in our office one day. I know (Mask) would have loved to have seen how it came out. When I sit in the theater it definitely makes me think about him and how he inspired people. We want to use the movie theater to continue to inspire everyone.”

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