Dan Henderson: the UFC are paying Jake Shields too much he’s “just not exciting”

Former UFC middleweight champion, Dan Henderson has giving his thoughts on his former employer, the UFC for paying former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Jake Shields $80,000 to fight, $80,000 to win, explaining he’s “just not exciting”.

Dan Henderson, speaking with LVSports Magazine chief and MMABay Radio co-host, Isaac Kuhlman:

Kuhlman: I’m sure you heard, but Jake signed with the UFC. A lot of people are debating his contract. What are your thoughts?

Henderson: I don’t know what his contract is…

Kuhlman: It was reported as 80,000 to fight and 80,000 to win.

Henderson: I would say that’s way too much. As a promoter, I wouldn’t pay him that. He’s just not exciting. That’s why Coker didn’t want him. Whether he beat me or not, he wasn’t going to keep him.

Kuhlman: I think a lot of people figured he would get over 100,000, but because Strikeforce pulled away…

Henderson: I’m surprised that he got that much. Good for him though.

Kuhlman: As a journalist, I think he could’ve bargained for a lot more.

Henderson: There was nowhere to go. Unfortunately, for Jake, I think the only reason the UFC wants him is to get him beat and let him go, but hess tough to beat. We’ll see what happens, but I think that’s the only reason they want him. Just to kind of shove something into Strikeforce’s butt.

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