Dan Hardy defends Michael Bisping: “People need to be more forgiving of fighters”

UFC welterweight contender, Dan Hardy attempts to defend his fellow Brit, Michael Bisping over the UFC 127 spitting incident last month, explaining people need to understand when your dealing with aggressive people, shit happens.

Hardy, speaking via ESPN.co.uk, said:

“The UFC need to be seen to do something about it to keep the sport from getting a bad rap, but I also think people need to understand where we’re at as athletes and what we go through. I don’t think people understand that it’s not all smiles and handshakes. It’s aggressive; you’re in there to do a job.

“The more aggressive you are, the more angry you are, the better you’re gonna perform. Mike was just in the zone. People need to be more forgiving of fighters when we get carried away because we’re an aggressive type of people!”

“Mike’s performance was awesome; I thought he looked great in the fight. He is a very sensitive guy, he does let things get on top of him sometimes, and unfortunately it got the better of him in the aftermath. He’s a natural fighter, I’ve always known that ever since I trained with him, and anybody who winds him up is only going to make him better at being himself because he becomes more aggressive.

“The trash talk pre-fight was all natural, I don’t see anything wrong with that. The spitting… I think his intention was to spit on the floor as an insult, but because he was in the Octagon which is raised up, it looked like he was spitting on them. I don’t think he was, it was unfortunate. It was a big call, but with adrenaline we all make bad calls sometimes.”

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