Counter programming or not, Scott Coker says April 17th

Strikeforce CEO, Scott Coker has revealed that the promotion won’t be changing the date for the Strikeforce Nashville, Tennessee event, even if the UFC decides to assemble a competing event on the same night (or even the same town) via Spike TV., saying “It’s the 17th and it’s full steam ahead.”

Speaking to, Coker said:

“It’s the 17th and it’s full steam ahead. The 17th was always a good day when we chose it. We still feel the same way, and so does CBS. We purposefully went out of our way to avoid all the other fight shows that month, whether it was the WEC, the UFC, or whatever. I don’t think [Zuffa, LLC] has come out publicly and said that they are [counter-programming], and I think there’s just a lot of rumors floating around. The good thing about our company is there’s a certain amount of fluidity in this company and I think that we had to keep all of our options open.”

“The thought of somebody trying to counter-program you just to hurt your number or try to hurt your business or to create confusion in the marketplace, I mean, that’s something that just seems so unnecessary. We’re just trying to build the industry. Here’s what I mean by that: when the fans get to watch these fights on TV for free, I think that’s good for the sport. The more eyeballs we have on the sport, I think it’s better for the industry as a whole. Maybe some people might not feel that way today, but I think in the long run, free TV is what keeps MMA alive.”

“Let’s face it, before ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ came, my understanding is that the UFC was thinking about selling, and it was a failing business mode. They didn’t have free TV to drive the pay-per-view. So to me, the more eyeballs on free TV … we’re building more fans that are not watching MMA just through the CBS platform and the Showtime platform. And I believe that we’re getting crossover boxing fans from Showtime telecasts into our MMA telecasts.”

“So it’s good for the industry, and that’s a great thing. So why fill it up with trying to hurt that model, or try to counter-progam us, or try to affect our credibility? … It baffles me because we’re just trying to help. By us being off of TV – for instance, if we didn’t have a free TV model – we’re not making the impact that we can make. When a company like CBS says we’re going to get behind this and we believe in it, that’s a great day.”

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