Cole Miller on Frankie Edgar: “How can you back a guy who is just surviving and running away?”

UFC lightweight, Cole Miller feels ashamed for UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, adding “The Answer” just survives and runs away during his fights.

Miller, speaking via, said:

“People finishing fights is a big topic right now and that’s how I fight. You look at Frankie in both fights with B.J. Penn and it seems that no one wants to fight right now. Fans see these guys like (Frankie) Edgar or these other bouncy wrestler types and fans are like “oh, he fights you everywhere,” when in reality they don’t fight you anywhere. They just want to hit you three or four times, shoot in for a takedown, stay on the ground for a minute or so then get back up. They want to wear you down because they don’t want to fight you on the ground either.”

“It’s great to be in shape but these guys are surviving and that’s not what martial arts is about. … How can you back a guy who is just surviving and running away? These wrestlers are just trying to take you out of your game because all that apparently matters anymore is the takedown. … These guys can keep getting their hands raised for now and they can keep “shooting for the win” …but the time is coming man. If it was me, I’d feel shameful if I didn’t do all I could to finish. I feel shamed for them when I watch it happen. Score your points boys, don’t worry about putting anybody out or finishing a fight, just score your points. Look at guys like Martin Kampmann, Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, Nate Marquardt, Miguel Torres and B.J. Penn. All of these guys are out there and they are looking to put people out and doing their thing; hell even Demian Maia is starting to put guys out.”

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