Cole Miller: “Donald Cerrone would be a step down from Matt Wiman”

UFC lightweight submission machine, Cole Miller has once again fired back at former three-time WEC title contender, Donald Cerrone, saying he’d gladly fight the “Cowboy” even though he’d be a step down from the man he faces next week at UFC Fight Night 23, Matt Wiman.

Miller, speaking via, said:

“I’m just tired of this guy and his same old song. Every time I see this guy he just wants to talk about how he wants to fight me, and beat my ass because I beat Leonard. Waah, waah, waah. I don’t even remember him being there. I saw him I guess about a year later, and he expressed to me that he wanted to fight me. So ever since, every time we see each other, we kind of have a little bit of a verbal battle.”

“There really isn’t a lot of people that beat Leonard, but there’s several other people besides me, a couple of guys that have beat him, and I don’t see him trying to call those guys out, but whatever. This guy, he’s a bully. He probably sees me as being the easiest target or the easiest kill, so he can bring it on, come on.”

“I don’t think he’s horrible or anything like that, I really like his style as a fighter, but I think as far as the level, that he would be a step down from Matt Wiman. I’d be happy to fight Cowboy whenever, at any weight, I don’t care.”

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