CNMMAF Announce Rob Pelletier as National Director to Oversee Canadian Amateur MMA Unification Within Canada

We are pleased to announce that the Canadian National MMA Federation (CNMMAF.INC) has announced Rob Pelletier has accepted the Role as National Director to oversee Canadian Amateur MMA Unification within Canada.

Rob Pelletier known as “The Coach” bring a wealth of Knowledge into our organization, and the respect for anyone that knows him or have ever had the privilege of working with him.

The CNMMAF is a registered non-profit corporation with an executive board of top MMA and Combat sports people with the same desire to bring unity to Canada under one banner to bring higher safety standards to the sport, to bring recognition to MMA as a sport as to follow the mandate of the IMMAF in seeking approval from Sports Accord for possible Olympic recognition. We have Board of directors in each province and a team that will work together to unify the cause is Canada including unified rules AND safety standards that will improve the public perspective of Amateur MMA. We are following the mandate of the IMMAF which is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level, driving the development of common sets of rules, safety regulations, structure, mutual exchanges and so forth. MMA is no different from other sports and for it to keep growing there is a need to support and highlight the grass root movement of recreational athletics as well as create possibilities for a world class elite sports movement With the requirement of the IMMAF to offer a democratic system in which to offer the opportunities to participate to every MMA or Combat Athlete in Canada , this meaning regardless if you have the opportunity to participate in a local MMA Bout , we will honor your opportunity to participate in a provincial tryout , and are seeking out the best MMA or Combat Athletes both male and Female in Canada to represent Canada in international Competition. We believe the future of Amateur MMA lies in the different communities working together and putting their differences aside for the best opportunity for development of the sport, and the Athlete .Being we are solely non-profit we do have the desire and passion to bring a strong unified program to represent Canada on the provincial, national , and international platform. Again, this is a great opportunity for people to put their differences aside regardless of territory and bring our country together under one flag to develop a sport we all share a passion for.

Why should an MMA Athlete become a Member?

We believe no-one should profit off Amateur MMA Athletes, We are working hard to build a sport with the opportunities for the competitors to reach goals outside of a local competition , where their stats reflect their hard work , and where they can work with top MMA , Boxing , and Martial Artist to develop every tool they need to be successful as a pro. We require every person competing within the CNMMAF to be a Member with a national Passport, You are required to pay an annual Membership fee, which will give you access to all regionals, Qualifiers, and events put on by the CNMMAF in your area. You will have your stats and record recorded on a national forum for the entire country and our international partners to see, you will get the opportunity to participate in Training camps, and develop every skill you need to be the best you can be. MMA is one of the few combat sports that allow an amateur athlete to pass through without competing as an amateur and jumping into a ring or cage in a PRO show. This is part of the reason it lacks public support and the lifespan of a MMA Competitor is short and injury filled. We offer regional competitions with point accumulations to allow a serious amateur competitor to qualify for Provincial, National, and International competition and hopefully with the structure being set up by the IMMAF and our International partners see our Athletes competing on the Olympic stage. Though because we have the mission statement that follows Amateur fighters to not be being treated the same as a pro fighter we obvious are getting resistance from those who currently don’t see the value in developing an amateur program for the purpose of what’s best for an amateur competitor, we are bringing to our organization top Boxers, MMA, and Martial Artist who understand how an amateur program should be offered on a national scale. Why should you join the CNMMAF???? You should want your career to be more than a city champion, you should want to build an impressive resume and get noticed by the right people that can make your career, dreams, and hard work a reality.

Giving back to the sport!

The CNMMAF has a Mandate to develop MMA from the ground up , to work with Government agencies and Local MMA Communities to develop strong a strong relationship and understanding that MMA is a sport , With Safety regulations and unified beliefs coast to coast .As we move toward national development we are working hard on plans for National certifications for coaching and referees , School or Dojo Sanctioning that will ensure our national partners understand as we do the need to consistency coast to coast in all aspects of the Sport. We are members based nationally and we give back to the community to ensure all our provinces get the same opportunities in Canada and have the same mandate for development.

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