Chris Weidman Set For Neck Surgery This Coming Wednesday

“I’ve had so many surgeries, but this one kind of skeeves me out” said Weidman, who was appearing on behalf of Reebok at a meet and greet for fans at Modell’s in Times Square. “My neck. Going in through the front my neck, it just bothers me. When I had the epidural, I was miserable, man. They went through my back and I could hear this thick needle going through my muscle. This whole neck thing is bothering me. I can’t believe I’m getting neck surgery.”

Weidman will have surgery next Wednesday in Manhattan. Weidman said Dr. K. Daniel Riew will perform the surgery at Columbia University Medical Center. On May 18, Weidman pulled out of his scheduled rematch against middleweight champion Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 in Los Angeles this Saturday. Rockhold now faces Michael Bisping.

via Newsday

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