Charles “Mask” Lewis’ Sister Taking Tapout to Court After They Steal Her Brothers Remains

Carla Lewis, the sister of recently deceased Tapout founder, Charles “Mask” Lewis is taking the company he help build to court claiming they have stolen her brothers remains, sold viles containing ashes and refused to return the urn. Tapout founding members, SkySkrape and Punkass have changed their original statement and are now admitting to distributing a “very small amount” of Charles “Mask” Lewis’ cremated remains at a memorial service despite having no legal right to do so.

TMZ spoke to the attorney representing the duo and said that the pair feel there is “nothing wrong with dividing up a loved one’s ashes” and giving them to people who were close to the deceased.

Lewis’ sister has begun legal proceedings against the pair after they refused to return the remaining ashes. The attorney representing them indicated that in light of that the ashes would be returned as soon as possible but the pair are insisting they did nothing wrong as “Mask” was estranged from his sister right up to his death in 2009.

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After Mask’s death, Carla claims she was approached by the co-founders of TapouT — men calling themselves Skyscrape and Punkass – who wanted to “borrow” Mask’s ashes and urn for a public memorial service.

Carla says when she arrived to the memorial service, she noticed “various booths and tables” set up around the cathedral … one of which contained, “a large shoebox-size box containing several miniature vials that were on display.”

Carla says the vendor informed her, “each of the vials contained a small amount of the cremated remains of Mask, and were reserved for, and to be given to, ’special people’ whose names were on a printed list.” Carla believes somewhere between 50 to 100 vials were either “sold, given away, donated or otherwise distributed to several unknown persons.”

Not only is Carla PISSED about the vials … she claims TapouT still has possession of the urn and the remainder of Mask’s ashes … and the company refuses to return them.

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