Chael Sonnen will get a chance to state his case on December 2nd

The Executive Director of the California State Athletic Commission, George Dodd has confirmed that UFC middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen will get chance to state his case to appeal on December 2nd and a decision on a suspension and fine will be decided from there.

Dodd, speaking via, said:

“I can’t speak for the commission as far as what they would do if someone came in afterwards. I will say that usually when a fighter calls me up and says, ‘Hey, I’m going to be fighting in California and this is what I’m taking,’ I inform them right off the bat to get all the necessary documentation from the doctor and why you’re taking it and they provide that to us. We send that to one of our doctors and they verify that that is a reason why and that is a proper treatment for that type of problem, and we usually don’t have any problems after that.”

“He told me that he was taking something and I informed my inspector to get with him and make sure we mark it down on our sheet that we use for drug testing, and then we moved forward with the drug testing. I don’t recall if he actually informed me what he was taking. …I don’t recall if he did or didn’t. He might’ve, but we were doing a lot of drug testing that night. He may have.”

“You always have that concern, as far as the safety of the fighters and stuff. But the rules that we have here in California…says that we have to have an actual positive drug test from a laboratory before we can take any action. The question would have been, say he did tell me and his levels were normal. So you have to wait until the levels come back before you can take any action. You may not have any safety issue with the other fighter and you’re damaging this guy’s career.”

“But let him provide that documentation to the commission on December 2nd and let the commission make that determination if what he did warrants the suspension and the fine. I would hope there’s a reason why Chael was taking what he was taking and the commission will take that into account as far as what they’re looking at for him.”

“I don’t think there’s any more fair thing we can do than have it in an open meeting. We don’t do it behind closed doors; it’s all done in the open. I think with Josh there was a misunderstanding between him and his lawyers – again, I wasn’t here. But it says you have to appear before the commission. They’re going to want to ask you questions. That’s what I would say to Chael, is make sure you come. This is your hearing, not your lawyer’s hearing. They’re going to want to ask questions of you. I don’t think anything needs to be changed because we do it in the open.”

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