Chael Sonnen: “We would never go and appeal the decision.”

Fomrer two-time UFC middleweight title contender, Chael Sonnen has ruled out any possibility of appealing his defeat at the hands of 185 pound champion, Anderson Silva this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sonnen, speaking via MMAFighting, said:

“Here’s the reality. We don’t do instant replay in this sport and we shouldn’t. It comes down to a judgement call and wherever the referee [Yves Lavigne] says the knee landed officially, that’s where the knee landed. That’s an excellent official, they all are, he made his call and that’s the way it goes and I will never complain or look back.”

“The referee’s judgement is what stands. I trust in that and it works both ways. I’ve thrown knees before, the referee makes his decision, that is the decision and we would never appeal it, except with knees. If we would have a chance to re-do it, that’s a different thing, but we would never go and appeal the decision. Part of competing is you got to know how to lose. It’s really easy to win, but you’ve got to know how to lose. Sometimes you have to man up, swallow it, and walk out.”

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