Chael Sonnen Says He Got Lucky Against Shogun Last Year

UFC middleweight/light heavyweight title contender, Chael Sonnen said this week that he feels he just “got lucky” when he stopped former 205 pound champion, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua in the very first round of there fight last year, stating he would never catch that fight ending move again if he tried.

Sonnen, speaking to the media said:

“I caught him, I got lucky. That was a lucky move. If we would fight 10 more times, I would never catch that move again. But he has never said that. He let me have my 15 minutes of fame. He shut his mouth and walked out. I would do the same thing. But very few guys follow that code. Say what you want before the fight, but when it’s done, you accept the result. You let the other guy be happy, if he gets his hand raised, he gets his hand raised. Until this day, Shogun has never said ‘that was lucky’ or ‘give me a rematch’ or ‘I didn’t feel good.’ So, I’ll say for him. It was lucky and I don’t think that was the best Shogun.”

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