Chael Sonnen’s suspension reduced to six months, $2,500 fine remains

UFC middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen today had his hearing for taking performance enhancing drugs before his title bout with Anderson Silva at UFC 117, which seen his suspension reduced to six months with a fine of $2,500 after it was argued that the substances were being taken for legitimate medical reasons.

Sonnen was reportedly prescribed steroid injections to combat hypogonadism, a condition that attacks such things in the body such as bone marrow, preventing the healing of broken bones and such. Without the treatment no commission or doctor would allow Sonnen to compete due to fears for his health. It was therefore argued that the treatment was required, although the fighter was guilty of failing to notify the California State Athletic Commission.

When the commission reached the business end of the hearing two of the panel voted to uphold the twelve month suspension and $2,500 fine, but the other two voted against it, thus making the proposal null and void. It was quickly decided to give Sonnen a six months suspension, concluding on March 2nd, with the $2500,00 remaining.

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