Chad Mendes Signs 8 Fight Deal Extension

Top UFC featherweight contender, Chad Mendes signed a new eight-fight contract extension with the UFC this weekend after the UFC made it clear they didn’t want to lose him to a rival to another promotion.

Mendes, speaking via FOX Sports had this to say:

“I’m very excited about it. I had one fight left on my contract and I was open to fighting it out and just kind of seeing what I was worth on the open market and the UFC made it pretty clear they did not want to lose me.”

“It feels good to finally get up there in the contract where you’re making some money and it definitely helps when you’re spending a lot doing these training camps, bringing in partners to help with your training, bringing trainers in and all the stuff you have to do. I’m excited for it, I can’t wait my next one. Dana and Lorenzo flew out on their private jet to Sacramento, I took them to Mikuni Sushi and we just sat down and went to work. It was cool negotiating back and forth with them and we got what we wanted and they were definitely willing to pay. I’m very happy with my contract and I’m excited to get in there and perform and earn that money. Any of my contracts prior to this one I never really got to sit down with Jeff and Mike and Lorenzo and Dana. We’re finally getting into the bigger money and this was the first time we all sat down together and I saw Jeff and Mike go to work for me. They had my back and if something wasn’t right or they thought we could get more, they’d pull me aside and we’d talk about it and come back with a new game plan. It definitely helped in that situation having those two there.”

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