Cesar Gracie open to Nick Diaz vs. Jason “Mayhem” Miller on January 29th

Cesar Gracie, the manager and trainer of Strikeforce welterweight champion, Nick Diaz has revealed he’s open to the champ taking on Jason “Mayhem” Miller on the yet to be announced January 29th event in San Jose, California if a weight can be agreed.

Gracie, speaking via MMAJunkie.com, said:

“That fight just hasn’t been offered to us like in an official manner yet. I know ‘Mayhem’ goes on his websites and (says) Nick is ducking him and everything. It’s kind of hard to duck someone when you haven’t even been offered the fight. It’s just ‘Mayhem’ talking about that. Until it’s been offered, you can’t say yes or no.”

“If that fight was offered, yeah, we’d probably take that fight. We’d just have to look at what weight class it’s going to be in, and apparently, ‘Mayhem’ can’t make 170. We’re not going to accommodate going to 185. It doesn’t really make that much sense to call someone out, and the champ has to … go to your weight class.”

“Being the champ of ‘Bully Beatdown’ doesn’t really make you a contender. It doesn’t. If he were beating people that’s important, yeah. But the champ doesn’t need to move or down in weight because someone says, ‘Don’t be scared, homie.’”

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