Carlos Condit’s Camp Not Interested in Immediate Rematch with Nick Diaz

Malki Kawa, the manager of the new UFC interim welterweight champion, Carlos Condit has revealed they’re not interested in an immediate rematch with Nick Diaz following the controversial UFC 143 win this past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, adding his fighter outstruck Diaz the entire fight.

Kawa, speaking via MMAFighting, said:

“At this point, [a rematch] is not something we’re looking to do. We’re looking for Georges. People forget, Carlos waited a long time to get this fight. He was moved around, and shuffled around between fights. He won the fight. It doesn’t interest us at all. I think clearly and decisively, he won the fight. Even [UFC president] Dana [White] scored it for him. All of the opinions that matter scored Carlos as winner.”

“It was a performance that was excellent. He picked apart a very formidable fighter. Two judges saw it four rounds to one, and one saw it three to two. The fact that he didn’t stand and bang with him? I’m sorry, not every fighter has to do that. He did what he had to do, and that goes to show me that this guy is mature, he’s fighting fights that are smart. People are like, ‘Oh, Carlos is not a finisher.’ The guy threw how many spinning elbows? How many spinning back fists? He threw a flying knee. He tried to finish Nick Diaz when the time and the opening was there. I can’t find a flaw in his performance.”

“Carlos is a fighter. At the end of the day, this is not a guy who wants to sit around and wait. He wants to fight. You never know. Right now, the idea is that we want Georges St-Pierre. The goal is to fight Georges St-Pierre. He wants to be the best in the world, so that’s the fight that interests us at this moment. The fans disagree [with the decision] because they got hyped up to see Nick & Georges fight each other. Well, let them fight each other. We’ve moved on.”

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