Captain Jason Norwood Trades Battlegrounds: From Desert to Canvas, Norwood Targets M-1 Challenge: Damkovsky vs. Figueroa’s Maincard

Capt. Jason Norwood is a prime example that Army combatives training is highly effective; not only in fighting but most importantly as a means to prepare for battle and come home victorious – and alive. Fans can catch Norwood exchange the desert for the ring as he battles Billy ‘Mojo’ Horne in a middleweight (185 Lbs) contest at M-1 Challenge: Damkovsky vs. Figueroa LIVE on SHOWTIME on Friday, March 25 at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

A native of Voorhees, New Jersey, 26 year old Jason Norwood equates fighting as the culmination of his life. Starting training in martial arts at only six years old, Norwood put his foundations to work in wrestling at age 13; he wrestled at West Point and was preparing to compete in the Olympics when he was deployed to Iraq by the U.S. Army. Having served his country overseas and currently a Captain and the Officer in Charge of the Modern Army Combatives hand-to-hand combat program where he is stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Norwood says the military brings a similar feel to MMA, the main difference being that in the Army you either go home standing or you go home “in a bag”.

Boasting a 10-2 record that had his ten fight winning streak snapped in his last outing against the formidable Josh Bryant, Norwood’s list of notable victories include a unanimous decision nod over Herbert Goodman, a submission win over Wayne Cole and suffocating rear-naked-chokes over Jon Kirk and Joey Gorczynski. Norwood has spent time training at American Top Team Oklahoma and Matt Hughes’ H.I.T. squad but calls the Fort Still Combative Center his home, where he has been steadily improving as a professional mixed martial artist well versed in executing his trademark ‘RNC’.

Discussing Mojo Horne as his opponent come March 25th, Norwood wasn’t overly concerned; “He doesn’t bring as much to the table as I do.” Norwood plain and simple plans to close the distance, get good position and finish the fight. He says that in the military they train “not to tap but to stay alive, to prepare for the probable outcome, the deadliest outcome…” Entering the confines of the M-1 ring doesn’t even begin to compare to what he’s faced defending his country. In an interview last summer, Norwood depicts his Army career as a mixed martial arts fight with a lot of unexpected moves where he has needed to react accordingly and ultimately to his advantage. Going from working with Paladins to radars and now working in the fight house he sets the stage in his mind before he enters the ring as if he is deployed, clearing buildings, with his life on the line.

Norwood has all the tools to impose his dominating fighting style on Horne and cap off his SHOWTIME debut with his 11th victory; nothing in a gym can replicate the life or death training and mindset the military creates; no opponent change can throw a military man who is prepared for anything.

The only potential threat is the massive 35 pounds that Norwood needs to shed in order to meet the 185-pound weight threshold. Walking around near the 220-pound mark on a daily basis, the cut could render him weaker in the latter frames and present a considerable test on his endurance.

M-1 Challenge: Damkovsky vs. Figueroa airs LIVE on SHOWTIME on Friday, March 25 at 11 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast).

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