Canadian Medical Association seek outright ban on sport of MMA nationwide

Just when you thought it was safe for the sport of mixed martial arts in Canada, the Canadian Medical Association will be seeking an outright ban on the sport across the country. The Associated Press reports the organisation voted yesterday to have a doctors group push the countries government to ban the sport.

Tom Wright, the UFC’s Director of Canadian Operations speaking to, said:

“It is discouraging inasmuch as this association really hasn’t done a lot of due diligence in terms of looking at the facts, examining the studies that have been done, talking to athletes that are in the sport, talking to people like ourselves in the UFC or others that are stakeholders in the sport before they made their determination. And that’s probably the most troubling thing to me because the UFC is as diligent about athlete safety as any professional sport on the planet. We go to great lengths, and I guess I’m discouraged that the CMA didn’t reach out to ask for our input.”

“As an advocacy group, they have a position and they will lobby the government on these things. But I also found the timing interesting – it happened right after Ontario made the decision to sanction the sport. And I give a lot of credit to the province of Ontario – they did their homework. … They spent a lot of time. We’ve been working with the Ontario government for two years. I haven’t spent five minutes with (the CMA).”

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