Brock Lesnar Responds To Jon Jones; Cris Cyborg Challenges WWE’s Becky Lynch

Jon Jones called out Brock Lesnar after his big win at UFC 214 on Saturday night, and Brock has responded.

The Associated Press reached out to Lesnar after UFC 214 and his response was “Be careful what you wish for, young man.”

Jon repeated his wishes for a bout with Brock in the post fight press conference.

“We’re serious about it, and it would be great for the MMA world. It would bring more of the general public to mixed martial arts, and that’s what we need.”

In other news, the new UFC women’s featherweight champion Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino has been repeatedly calling out WWE wrestler Becky Lynch and calling for a match at WWE SummerSlam. Lynch has been playing along and has agreed to the match. (Of course that doesn’t mean it will happen)

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