Brock Lesnar: I’m One In A Million

“I don’t think I have anything to prove at all. I’ve been an athlete; I’ve accomplished a lot of great things. A lot of great things. I feel very fortunate that I’m 38 years old, I work for the WWE, and I can step foot back into the Octagon again for the UFC. How many people can do that? I’m one in a million. How many people can pull that off? One in a million. And you’re looking at him.

“I’m not here to compare myself to anybody else,” he continued. “I’m not here to prove anything. If there’s anything for me out of this… somewhere deep down in my soul do I want to extinguish some bad feelings or the last two times I had in the Octagon [which] weren’t my favorite? I think as an athlete everybody goes through that, but unfortunately for me I literally feel like I got beat by diverticulitis. My number one objective is to get in and prove it to myself. I’m not proving it to anybody else.

“I’m not doing this for fans. If there are fans [who] are excited that I’m doing this? Great. But I’m not doing it for them. I’m doing this for me. If by chance two million people want to tune in for me to enjoy myself on July 9, so be it. That’s great, that’s really good, and I appreciate that, but I’m not gonna change. This is all about me, I’m sorry (laughs). This is all about me. And why should it be about anybody else? This is about me and what I want to do. I’m not faking it.”

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