Brock Lesnar Earns Blue Belt, Will Walk Out At UFC 200 To His WWE Theme

WWE Superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar received his blue belt in jiu-jitsu from his instructor, Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, during a ceremony held on Thursday at Lesnar’s private training facility in Minnesota. After the presentation, Medeiros spoke with about promoting Lesnar to the rank of blue belt:

“I’ve been working with Brock now for eight years. The training went down a notch when he went back to WWE and retired, but I still work with him, Cole Konrad and Marty Morgan – NCAA wrestling champions – and they’re at a level way higher than that of a blue belt. But we can’t jump the belts, right? We were always worried about no-gi in the fight camp, we never had chance for this. So now we had a little more time we did some training in the gi, I decided to give them the belts.”

When he makes his Octagon return against knockout artist Mark Hunt, Lesnar may have to put those skills to the test. The bout is the co-main event of the UFC 200 PPV, scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV.

In addition to fighting out of Canada, Lesnar will enter the arena to his WWE theme music:

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