Brett Rogers plans on proving a point in the Strikeforce WGP, starting with Barnett

Strikeforce heavyweight slugger, Brett Rogers gives his thoughts on the forthcoming Strikeforce World Grand Prix Heavyweight Tournament, which involves some of the best MMA has to offer in the world, explaining for him its a chance to prove he deserves to be in the same category.

Rogers, speaking via, said:

“I definitely want to go out there and bring the old me. Just put out the heaters and knock some people out. I just need to show more and just gain that confidence with my right hand again. I feel I haven’t been throwing it out there as much, so that’s all I’ve been throwing.”

“It could be a one-rounder or it could go the distance. I’m definitely going to be prepared. The way I see it, the tournament starts in February, and I’m probably going to [fight] at a later date. So that gives me plenty of time to get my conditioning right. Barnett is no amateur fighter. He knows his way around the cage.”

“I feel like I’m a little more focused, and I’m not trying to think as much. Before I was so into winning instead of just having fun. And this year, that’s all I plan on doing. If anything, just have fun, and the best things will happen.”

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