Brendan Schaub Thinks Lesnar, UFC Went Around USADA Policy Intentionally

On the latest episode of his The Fighter And The Kid podcast, former UFC Heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub gave his reaction to the news of Brock Lesnar’s USADA exemption, saying that Lesnar’s opponent Mark Hunt should be allowed to “juice to the gills” too:

“He (Lesnar) could have gotten off of them, and tailored off. Now he can fight and be clean. So I’m retired and let’s say they want me to fight; I have to give the drug testing sanction, body a four-month heads up like, ‘Hey, I am thinking about fighting.’ They will be like ‘Okay, you have four months where we are going to test you and you got to be clean.’ He skipped all of that and now he only has four weeks where they can test him. Does no one think this is fishy? Hey man, you can’t do that! Mark Hunt should be able to take whatever he wants. Mark Hunt should come juiced to the gills and look like fucking Chong Li from Blood sport with traps from here to here. Fuck you!”

“So maybe six months ago he told Dana, ‘Hey man I want to fight.’ And Dana was like, ‘Cool, well listen you know there is that four-month window.’ And he’ll say, ‘Okay, let’s see how we can work around this,’ If this doesn’t signal to every human being in the world that he’s probably on stuff.”

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