Brad Robinson To Nik Harris: Be Careful What You Ask For

In about a week Brad Robinson is going head to head with Nik Harris, the fight nation did an interview with Brad about his upcoming fight. Heres that interview in full:

TFN: First and foremost, thank you for taking time to speak with us, we truly appreciate it.

BR: My pleasure Wesley, thank you!

TFN: Let’s get straight into the mix. On the 31st of May, you’ll be facing Malaysia’s Nik Harris at Asia’s biggest MMA promotion, ONE FC. How do you feel about fighting on the grandest stage in Asian MMA?

BR: It’s a dream come true, that’s the best way to sum it all up. The journey here has been an epic one, and to get the chance to do what I do on one of the biggest stages on earth is amazing.

BR: TFN: Speaking of your match up, this won’t be the first time you’ll face Nik Harris. In fact, the two of you first met on a much smaller platform (Malaysia’s Ultimate Beatdown promotion) 2 years ago. That was a match that you won. Why did you feel the need to agree to a rematch when it was offered to you?

Literally half an hour after I beat him he told me he was going to earn a rematch, and he’s been making a lot of noise about it ever since. He’s been on a tear since then, so I guess he’s earned it. Be careful what you ask for homie.


BR: TFN: What do you think of your performance in your first meeting with Nik Harris? What do you expect from him in this second meeting?

It was my first fight. I had a very specific gameplan for that fight and I stuck to it. I really can’t compare myself to what I was back then. I’ve trained every single day since ONE FC came onto the scene, hoping I’d get this opportunity – I’m a vastly improved martial artist now.

TFN: You’re a fighter, a CEO of Ritual and a security company, a TV host and a father. How do you juggle your time to wear all these hats?

I’ll admit, with all the business ventures I have going on, life gets hectic when I’m training for a fight. However taxing it feels at times, I always remember that I engineered my life this way, and I enjoy living at this pace.I also have an amazing team of people that I work with, it’s not like I’m a one man show. I also don’t consider being a daddy hectic at all. My kids are my life and I cherish every moment with them – they’re the reason I am out there grinding every day.

TFN: How has the preparation been for this fight? Who have you been working with?

BR: This is the best camp I’ve ever had. I have stayed right here in Singapore the entire time, and have been working with Darren De Silva and the fight team at Fight G MMA Academy.

TFN: In your humble opinion, what have you improved in the most since the last time you faced Harris?

BR: My Jiu Jitsu is on a completely new level as compared to then.

TFN: Your first fight with Harris was in his hometown, this time it’s in your adopted country, Singapore. Do you believe in the “home field” advantage?

BR: I do, I’m not a fan of losing at anything, and especially not in front of a Singapore crowd!

TFN: Is there more pressure to perform this time around as compared to the first fight?

BR: Not really – once you’re in the cage and the ref asks “fighter you ready”, it really doesn’t matter where you are or how many people are watching.

TFN: Do you think Nik Harris has any chance at defeating you in this rematch?

BR: It’s MMA, there’s always a chance. Granted, it’s not a very good chance, but there’s always a chance.

TFN: In a perfect case scenario, how will Brad Robinson vs Nik Harris pan out?

I just want a good fight. I want to fight the absolute best Nik Harris that anyone has ever seen. I want to win decisively, because this is the second fight camp that I’ve obsessed with his ugly mug and I don’t want to do it a 3rd time.

TFN: How’s life without bacon these past few weeks?

BR: I don’t understand the question. *TFN Note: We guess his diet isn’t bacon free*

TFN: We would ask you if you have any words for your team mates, friends and fans, but the last time we did that you said we were too morbid, so f**k it. Good luck for your fight Mr. Robinson.

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