BJ Penn on Jon Fitch: “I honestly think he’s just going to come out and do the same thing he always does”

Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion, BJ Penn tells what he expects out of Jon Fitch when the two men face off at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia on February 27th, adding he expects the AKA star to come out and try and grind out another decision.

Penn, speaking via MMA Sports magazine, said:

“I know he’s under pressure, people telling him that he has to finish fights and stuff but I honestly think he’s just going to come out and do the same thing he always does, he’s a grinder and he goes after you and grind you into the ground and I just have to stop all that and turn it around.”

“Well me and Jon Fitch are in two different places in our lives. All these fighters are really, really, really concerned about one thing, winning. And it’s not that I’m not concerned about that, but I’ve been in their shoes for a long time and that’s all I was concerned about too. But more concerned than winning, I want to show everybody my fighting spirit. What happens when I step into the ring, it’s either going to be the best win, best loss or best draw you ever fucking saw.”

“It’s just that everybody’s in different places in their lives; he’s looking for title shot, George is looking for a title shot, all these people are looking to come up, some people looking to win to keep their job and this and that. I’m just looking to show my fighting spirit.”

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