BJ Penn: Dana has expressed some things, maybe me in the welterweight division

Lightweight champion, B.J. Penn recently revealed that UFC President, Dana White has expressed interest in Penn moving back up in weight before the end of the year.

Speaking via, Penn said:

“Dana has expressed some things to me that he would want to see this year, maybe me in the welterweight division. We will see. I have got a tough fight with Frankie Edgar coming up. [And] there is always good lightweight talent, there is a bunch of welterweight contenders up there. I guess I would just have to say I don’t have my mind set on anything yet…. I don’t want to jump the gun and give away all Dana’s plans!”

“My weight right now – I just finally got a battery for my scale – I think I am about 167.5 or 168. You have got these big guys, they walk around [heavy] and they are strong. I don’t know if I am the only guy, but I think it is about pushing yourself and seeing how far you go and its about failing sometimes – and failing miserably sometimes -but standing up afterwards and realising what happened, and the mistakes that you made.”

“But I think that I cannot picture myself becoming complacent, staying in one place. Not that I could defend the lightweight title for ever, I know that’s impossible, you can’t win every one. But I think there is nothing wrong with pushing yourself, seeing how far can you actually go.”

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