Bennett’s Camp Submit Formal Appeal to Overturn Decision

In what has been called ‘possibly the worst decision of 2010’ by M-1 Global director of Operations, Evgeni Kogan, heavyweight contender and Team Bombsquad fighter, Pat Bennett, has officially submitted the request to have the M-1 Challenge XXII bout versus Alexander Volkov rescored in hopes to be rightfully awarded the win.

Bennett went back to his decorated base with a game plan to exploit the stylistic mismatch; defend the striking, set-up takedowns and demolish Volkov on the ground. Bennett did exactly this for three full rounds with precision execution. With the win seemingly in the bag, the pair waited for the judges to call a 30-27 unanimous decision in the American’s favour but the judges called the bout a draw, forcing an overtime round to decide the outcome.

Speaking with Bennett, he gave us his take on the call as he waited for the victory to be announced after 15 minutes. “I was stunned. I came out fully expecting the win. Then I get told we have to go one more round. I looked over and saw Volkov shaking his head and knew he didn’t want to go. That gave me the adrenaline rush to execute one more round and get the victory.”

With the crowd and commentators stunned, Bennett set back into fighting mode and delivered yet another flawless round which should have secured the judges’ decision. Back to the score cards the three wise men went and returned with an unchanged ruling; after four rounds, the bout was declared a draw. “At first I didn’t even know it was a draw,” says Bennett. “I was shocked and stunned and it didn’t even hit me until I was back in the dressing room. I couldn’t have done anything differently to win than fight other than knock him out or go in with a completely different plan.”

As a sign of appreciation for Pat’s effort, M-1 Global awarded Bennett the ‘win-bonus’ of his purse at the close of the event. “That was a great show of support from M-1; they didn’t let me down at all – from being met at the airport, getting me home and recognizing my performance even though the judges felt differently.”

Bennett was also very gracious as he commented on the Russian people. “The day after the fight, we were taken on a sight-seeing trip to Red Square. People who watched the fight on TV were coming up to me and congratulating me on my win, calling me ‘the champ’ and even giving us presents. Though the outcome of the fight is still in question, the people of Russia and M-1 Global made this a fantastic experience overall.”

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