B.J. Penn: “If anyone thinks I’m in Hilo sitting on my ass, they’re crazy.”

Former UFC lightweight champion, B.J. Penn talks about his upcoming rematch with Frankie Edgar which goes down in less than two weeks at UFC 118 in Boston, Massachusetts, promising to deliver a knockout this time around.

Penn, speaking via UFC.com, said:

“If anyone thinks I’m in Hilo sitting on my ass, they’re crazy. They don’t have much to work with, they’ve only got Frankie Edgar. I’m not afraid to exchange with him in any way [but] I don’t think he wants to exchange with me. He’s going to be running around. He’s just going to try and jazz up what he did last time. A little quicker, a little better, maybe throw a kick.”

“He can run around all he wants, sooner or later he’s going to have to step up to me and he’s going to have to do something and when that happens, that’s going to be the time. I’m going to knock him out or submit him or slam him on his head and have him get knocked out from that. I’m all about finishing my guy and I cannot wait to finish him. After it’s done I want him to look at me and think ‘That’s what it’s like to fight BJ Penn, that’s what it’s like to fight the world champion.’”

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