Arnaud “The Game” Lepont May Be UP For A Rematch Against Eddie Ng

Arnaud “The Game” Lepont spoke to Yahoo Sports Singapore recently and was very vocal about wanting to face Eddie Ng one more time in ONE Fighting Championship.

On wanting a rematch with Eddie Ng:

“I was proud to get the top fighters in Asia as my opponents. My fight with Eddie I lost via arm bar; I was disappointed to lose because I was winning into the second round. I didn’t expect him to use his magical trick. I think that’s why he got his nickname. I was doing great in that fight until he suddenly struck me with the arm bar. I’m looking to rematch with him. I would love it. Honorio Banario was granted a rematch with Koji Oeshi, because some people thought his win was a fluke but Oishi won the rematch. I want to see if Eddie can get me in the arm bar again.”

On the respect he has for Ng and his other opponents:

“There is a magical moment when you fight and there’s no bad blood between you. I was trying to knock him out, he was trying to knock me out, but we both enjoy it. I could see his eyes smiling. Only the fighter can feel that magical feeling. We were both trying our best and I have nothing against that guy, but I will try to hurt him so I can win. He might even like me but he will try his best to hurt me too. At the end I have to show respect to that guy. When I like my opponent and we both have a good time in the cage then sometimes I will hug him and thank him. I don’t like to fight someone I don’t like, thankfully in my career I always fought opponents who I have respect for. “

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