Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira calls to congratulate Wanderlei Silva on Chael Sonnen comments

Former UFC and PRIDE heavyweight champion, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira has given his reaction to fellow Brazilian and PRIDE legend, Wanderlei Silva for his comments to Chael Sonnen over the disrespectful remarks towards him earlier this year, explaining he had to call to congratulate him “The Axe Murderer” himself.

Nogueira, speaking via, said:

“I loved it. I had to call to Wanderlei to congratulate him. I always get along well with Wanderlei. Whenever we train in Las Vegas, we go to his gym. Yesterday, I had to congratulate the guy, because he has the right attitude. Sonnen is a kid who does not know what he’s talking about, who thinks it’s cute to do this type of marketing. Sonnen is a guy who never practiced a martial art in his life. He doesn’t know what respect or leadership is. He never respected any teacher, so he said those things. He’s a guy who has no respect for anything.

“Wanderlei gave him an earful at the right time, and I was pleased. After the fight with Anderson, Sonnen has apologized for the comments he made toward us. I think marketing yourself is fine, but what he said indicated a real lack of respect toward us…. Sonnen was totally wrong. It was a great lack of respect toward us. The guy talked too much, and even though he was doping, he still lost to Anderson. Even with Anderson hurt and Sonnen doped, Anderson still defeated him. God is just.”

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