Antonio “Big Foot” Silva Planning To Sue Doctor After Failed Drug Tests

UFC heavyweight monster, Antonio “Big Foot” Silva spoke this week about how he plans to sue the doctor that upped his levels of testosterone replacement therapy immediately prior to his UFC Fight Night 33 bout with Mark Hunt, which led to high levels of banned substances to be found in his system.

Silva, speaking via sources said this:

“I just did what they told me to do. I’d never do something different that what the doctor told me to. I looked for a doctor with a good reputation, and he’s the UFC’s doctor in Brazil. I knew I’d be tested before and after the fight. Unfortunately, now I have to find the legal ways to overturn this situation or at least prove I’m not guilty.”

“You go get help with a doctor, you do the right thing, and now this story tarnishes my professional career. It tarnishes the great fight I did with Mark Hunt, and (it) gave me a huge financial loss. The doctor knows that I cut weight, he knows how the body of (an) MMA fighter reacts. He should know at what level I would be with one shot. I felt like a lab rat. I did everything I was told to do and now I’m the cheater.”

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