Anthony Pettis Wants to Take TJ Grant’s Place Against Benson Henderson at UFC 164

Anthony Pettis was scheduled to drop down to the featherweight division for UFC 163 to go head to head with Jose Aldo on Aug. 3 at UFC 163 in Rio de Janeiro, but was forced out of the title bout with a knee injury.

Before making the decision to change weight classes to have a chance to fight Aldo, Pettis was in line to fight for the UFC lightweight title in a rematch against titleholder Benson Henderson.Pettis defeated Henderson by unanimous decision in December 2010 in the WEC prior to the organization being folded over into the UFC.

Henderson is scheduled to face TJ Grant on Aug. 31 at UFC 164 in Milwaukee.

Pettis, a Milwaukee native, now believes that he can be ready to fight by Aug. 31 and wants to replace Grant against Henderson to fight for the title in his hometown.

Pettis, via Fuel TV’s UFC Post-Fight Show said:

“I can be 100-percent ready to fight Benson Henderson in Milwaukee. With all due respect to TJ Grant, Milwaukee is my town and the fight with Ben is the fight everyone has wanted for years,” read the statement. “If it works out, great; if not, I will get my shot very soon. But I think we all know which fight the fans want to see and the entire city of Milwaukee!”

UFC president Dana White doesn’t think Pettis can be ready to fight by then.

“He’s wrong. He will not be ready by that date,” said the UFC president during the event’s post-show on Fuel TV. “The doctor, whom I respect and listen to, says that he won’t be. The therapist that he talked to in Milwaukee says he will. I’m going with the doctor not the therapist.”

Benson Henderson is choosing to stay out of the debate on who he should face at UFC 164 on August 31st in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, after Anthony Pettis decided he would like to fight Benson at T.J. Grant expense.

Henderson, speaking via said:

“As I’ve always said, I don’t care who I fight or when I fight them. I’m going to do what I always do, which is continue training to be the best in the world. I’ll just fight and let the others worry about talking their way into fights.”

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