Andre Winner to GSP: Hardy, athletic, great chin, great cardio, hits hard & no quit

TUF 9 and UFC lightweight, Andre Winner shares his thought on the upcoming UFC 111 main event between UFC welterweight Champion, Georges “Rush” St-Pierre and his fellow countrymen Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy.

Speaking via Fighters Only Magazine, Winner said:

“Obviously it is one of the toughest fights out there you can have other than Fedor or Anderson Silva, BJ Penn. I think GSP will definitely go down as one of the best, but I think that Dan can beat him. I think a lot of people are in for an upset.”

“GSP is a great fighter, he has got great wrestling, very athletic, picks the right strikes at the right time, puts people off their gameplan and implements his own gameplan – but I don’t think he is a natural fighter. I just don’t see that ‘fighter’ in him. I think he has the heart to be a fighter but I don’t think he is a naturally ‘hard’ person. But he is trained very well, he is a very intelligent fighter and very athletic.

“But Dan is very athletic as well. And he has got great chin, great cardio, hits very hard and there is no quit in him. I don’t think I have ever seen him quit. All the training sessions we have done, no matter how hard he is pushed… In a training session the other day Dan just got stronger and stronger as we went on, you could see it in his eyes that he just wanted it.

“If the fight goes the way I think it will, the pressure will be too much for St. Pierre to handle. Dan can definitely knock him out and whatever St. Pierre puts on him, Dan can weather that. And then when it’s time for Dan to put it on him, when he gets the chance to knock him out he will.”

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