Anderson Silva Warns Nick Diaz Not To Talk Trash

Nick Diaz had this to say about former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva, and UFC bad boy outright said Silva should fire his boxing coach.

Heres what he had to say:

“I’ll tell you what, I think [Silva] should fire his trainer and hire himself a boxing trainer that teaches him how to put punches out, I don’t talk no sh-t. I ain’t trying to talk no sh-t. Of course he’s got as many fights as he wants to have, but people saying sh-t like, ‘He should retire. He’s not going to be the same.’ I’m like, ‘Fire your coach and get somebody to train your punches.’ His last fight, he had punches for [Chris Weidman], but he didn’t have no punches. Know what I’m sayin’? That was the key. Putting punches out there, but [Silva] had no punches for that guy. So then he started lobbing kicks out there and you saw what happened to his leg. He didn’t have no answer for it.”

Anderson Silva held a live press conference on Tuesday and during the question answering session “The Spider’s” boxing coach — Luis Dorea — had this to say in return to Diaz’s comments:

“[Diaz] made a mistake. It’s part of promoting. He’s got a good level [of boxing], but Anderson is a lot more superior technically. Nick Diaz is strong, he comes forward — but Anderson — with his natural ability, he’s much better. I believe it will be a fight that has a lot of striking, but I believe [Anderson] has a lot more speed. A lot more power in his punch. Nick Diaz is always looking for the fight moving forward. We’re going to work hard using his natural abilities, his weaknesses, his strengths and with all of that, we’re going to have a great victory.”

Silva piped up, warning Diaz not to trash talk him in the build-up to their scheduled Octagon meeting in January.

“I’m very easygoing,” said the former UFC Middleweight Champion. “I’m in a radical sport. For a lot of people, it’s a violent sport, but I’m a very easygoing guy. I think my work has nothing to do with my personality, but I don’t like to be disrespected as a man. I think you need to have respect as an athlete and as a man. If he disrespects me, things are going to happen as they need to happen.”

Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz is scheduled for the main event for UFC 183, which will take place on January 31, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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