Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen – The War Of Words Continues

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva started the verbal offensive this week, criticising his next opponent, Yushin Okami for working with “a loser” like bitter rival, Chael Sonnen. Like we all knew would happen the Team Quest fighter responded to the remarks by the current champ in the recent interview, classic Sonnen style.

Silva, speaking via O Globo, said:

“You have to find the best people to train with, and I think [Okami] chose wrong. I’d never align myself with a loser, a loser in every sense. He didn’t win the fight [between us] and got caught doping. You want to be a champion? Get with good people, with winners. Moreover, Sonnen wasn’t a tough opponent for me. I was injured with cracked ribs and fought five rounds. If I hadn’t been injured, the fight would have been different.”

“Brazilians are involved in MMA; they’re talking about it. Many people call me to talk and to tell me they’ll be at my fight. They want to see me live. It’s a different emotion. I’m starting to feel like Brazil vs. Argentina, not the rivalry but the pressure. I’m trained not to feel pressure, to approach it as just one more fight. And I’ll have to train because [Okami] will be well-trained, just like the Argentines when they come to play here [in soccer].”

Sonnen, posting via his Twitter account, said:

It’s hard to respond to Anderson. He’s so effeminate, that nothing you can say to/about him could be worse than what God already dished out. He hasn’t put up a fight since Forrest Griffin, which is about as notable as getting your hand held by a stripper. NEXT.

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