Amanda Nunes Says She Will “Finish” Cat Zingano

When Amanda Nunes first arrived in Strikeforce in 2011, everyone thought the Brazilian would be the next star in women’s MMA. Nunes’ came back down by source of TKO to Alexis Davis in her second Strikeforce fight. Since coming to the UFC, Nunes has started again and made short work of her last two opponents in the Octagon, and since then has been offered a bout with Cat Zingano at UFC 178 in September.

Zingano is returning from knee surgery thats kept her on the sidelines for the last year but Nunes is more than happy to welcome her back to the UFC, heres what Nunes had to say on her upcoming fight:

“She’s going to try to take me down and hold me against the cage. I’m ready for everything that happens in this fight, but her strategy will be to come and take me down. After the first couple of punches, she’ll feel my power and she’ll come to take me down, I’ll keep this fight standing for sure and if it goes to the ground, I’ll still finish her. I’m ready for every situation in this fight. I’m going to finish her. This is the main thing: After this fight I think the UFC will give me the opportunity. After I beat Cat Zingano in this fight, I want to prove in this fight that I’m ready for Ronda, Her striking’s not very good. She knocked Alexis Davis out because she was lucky. I think she’s very good with her Judo throws and everything, but I’m ready for that. After this fight for sure I’ll start training for Ronda. If she comes to strike or if she goes on the ground, I can beat Ronda, too, I think keeping distance from her and don’t give her the opportunity to grab you. If you punch her very hard, she’ll give up. Move back and forth and throw a punch. By the end of the second round, she won’t have enough to keep it going and that’s my strategy and I’ll beat Ronda Rousey. I’m more focused, I’m at a great gym and I have everything I need to be a champion,” Nunes said. “I think now I’m very experienced to be a champion. My style has changed a lot and I’m always trying to get better. This is my time. I want to prove it in this fight with Cat and after that, 100 percent, a title shot.”

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